Our Company


Our Marina will provide generations of boaters a safe harbor with a firm commitment to excellence, professionalism and friendly service.  

Our team will build a beautiful environment for our families to cultivate life-long friendships and create fond memories.

Through our dedication, Puerto Del Rey will increase its visitors and capacity, driving further investment and bringing hope and prosperity to our community.


Our team will demonstrate that Puerto Rican service can surpass world-class standards.   

Our pristine waters will represent our commitment to preserve, protect and defend our shoreline.

Our team and boaters will be proud to be part of a community playing a fundamental role in putting Puerto Del Rey at the center of the nautical map. 


For the benefit of our team, our guests, our community and Puerto Rico—we are committed to: 

  • Safety & Security—The safety of our community and your property is our top priority.    
  • Quality—We don’t cut corners. We have high standards. Please tell us how can we do better.
  • Integrity—We demand the highest level of individual and corporate integrity.
  • Teamwork—Collaboration & Mutual Respect.  The cornerstones of success.  The foundations to a great and productive working environment.
  • Innovation—Always thinking of ways to improve while investing in the necessary resources to remain at the forefront of our industry. 
  • Mastery—We value training and growing our Institutional Knowledge.