Boatyard Storage


Our boatyard extends over 15 acres, and is home to many repair and maintenance contractors. Travel lifts take vessels of all sizes (up to 165 tons) to and from the boatyard.   

Long term and short term boat storage is available. Haul out and storage rates are dependent on the LOA and length of stay. For inquiries and contract terms contact us.

Hurricane Season Programs

Seasonal Tie Down 
Puerto Del Rey Marina provides excellent protection from hurricanes for mono-hull and catamarans. Underground hurricane-proof steel and cement structures are protected from the sea by 100,000 square meters of US NAVY controlled mangrove. A block-and-jack-stand support system is used within a network of strong tie-down points.

Spaces are limited, so book early for the hurricane season. 

Hurricane Emergency Haul Out 
Puerto Del Rey Marina offers a special hurricane program to wet slip customers. When a hurricane warning is in effect, all boats in the emergency haul out program are removed from the water and put into land storage.

Early application secures you a prime position in the haul out procedure; this is a limited program. Fee: $100 – $125 per LOA ft.

In years where there is no hurricane warning, your boat gets a free haul out/launch in the first 3 months of the following year.

Trailer-boat storage & launch ramp
Your boat can be stored on its trailer in the boatyard and launched using your vehicle; alternatively, the launch can be scheduled using marina personnel. 

Trailer storage
Your empty trailer can be stored in our boatyard. 

Long term and short term boat storage is available.

Travel lift transporting vessel.